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Old maids aka spinsters.
"...get rid of the dictatorship... on their own"? Oh, yeah, the Castros and their brutal, murderous, thieving thugs will just hand over the government to "the people". Yeah, right.
You can say that again, and you did. Charles W is way too hung up on showing us he can look up stuff.
Michelle, the real deal, Malkin telling it like it is! You tell 'em, girl (no offense).
There is still a LOT of difference between Jeb and Hildebeast. He's just a moderate, big government guy. She's a radical, Alinskyite, commie, shrew, Obama-care supporter. Big difference! And I'm saying this as a guy who doesn't like Jeb. Just don't start hating on Jeb who is not Hillary and is not a socialist, just a crony capitalist.
Ditto. Moocherell Obama, candidate No. 1. Flying the WH dog on a separate plane from vacation destinations. How can it get any worse, more wasteful, than that?
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Serving Bambi to an Anti-Hunter

E1776 Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 3:06 PM
Priceless. Enjoy.
I'm sure they were dressed in suits and ties, nice pants pulled up appropriately, well-mannered, nice haircuts, playing Christian music. Now, that's funny.
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It Takes A Village To Raise A Looter

E1776 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 2:04 PM
Just got one observation. Dr. Adams, you write: "Welcome to the inverted world of hire education." I think you mean "higher". Spell check won't pick this up because "hire" is correctly spelled. Otherwise, great column exposing the leftist, liberal's hypocrisy and craven clinging to ideology.
Agree, 100%. He's the most unjust, corrupt AG in our nation's history.
Yep, media pundits, mostly liberal, leftist hacks, are always saying that the venerable CBS anchor Bob Scheiffer is unbiased and a good reporter. Not hardly, he is in on the game and should resign in disgrace.
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