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More and more inventive with the names. Best so far. LOL.
Thanks for pointing out he should have written, "I'll give 'er that", or better "I will give her that".
Sorry for your bitterness. Votes for Republicans are certainly NOT votes for Marxist Obama and Socialist Democraps. Do you really think that giving Congress back to the Demoncraps will make for a better country? Hardly. Their goals are higher taxes, redistribution, social spending on steroids, unfettered abortion, bigger government, crony businesses, corruption, killing oil and coal and destroying the U.S. Our only hope is conservative Republicans. But even a "squishy" Republican is better than any Demoncrap.
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What the Non-Fox Media Wrought

E1776 Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 4:23 PM
I would like to think that had Fox news, Townhall and Rush been around in the late '50s that Castro would not have taken power. But, sadly, I don't believe that history would have been changed. We have these conservative outlets now, yet Obama, and the despised commie sympathizers, Low info voters and socialist demoncraps (holding the U.S. Senate majority, as well) still hold sway over the USA and set policy.
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A Half-Trillion Dollar Budget Deficit

E1776 Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 10:09 AM
Up vote. I wish that this site had "like" and "don't like", or up and down arrows to vote for comments, instead of just flagging and responding.
...bears repeating and that is what you have done.
It is beyond belief. Ed Shultz, of MSNBC shame, went on a rant about Republicans doing or saying anything to gain power and even rigging elections (hah, had to laugh derisively at that one). I hate (yes, hate) to even watch some of this drivel, but I gotta know what they're saying. Democraps are the very ones who will do or say anything, I mean anything, to further their aims. It it so pathetic.
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This Is No Time to Avert Our Gaze

E1776 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 2:49 PM
Yep, scumbag democraps, which includes all of them, accuse Republicans of causing every problem in the world, whether they had any control (remember the way Bush was vilified for the Abu Ghraib prison mideeds in Iraq) while excusing every democrap of any and all responsibility IN EVERYTHING.
True that. And I'm looking at it (McAuliffe) as a true blot on this great state's fabric.
You guys are cracking me up, "hildabeast", etc.
So true. I'm liquidating now and looking...
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