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The 25th Annual No Pants Senate

E. James Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 9:49 AM
How right you are, Buggi!!! Problem is, that when the "back order" is delivered, who's going to be blamed?? Right now, the Republican Congress occupies the cellar in public opinion because the "American Idol" crowd can't drag themselves away from the boob tube long enough to understand that they, themselves, can't live forever on a credit card, and neither can government. And if the Reps don't stick to their guns, they SHOULD be blamed!!!

The news media was agog on Sunday because the sacred holyday, the 12th Annual “No Pants on the Subway” event, took place around the world.

Yes, people on subways crossing metro areas everywhere dropped “trou” and showed the world what ought to be kept between a person’s significant other and their proctologist.

The internet today is full of colorful and creative- and mostly chaste- pictures of public transportation riders in their skivvies, yucking it up for cameras.     

And why?

Probably because while 25 percent of Americans chose to spend Sunday worshipping God and football, in capitals around...