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The problem is, and will continue to be, is that we have a very unaware electorate. Cash for Clunkers, Obama's failed investments in alternative energy and the failed Stimulus, used to be the kind of things that got presidents kicked out of office. No more, I'm afraid. The average American is more acquainted with celebrities than politicians, when it is the pol that affects him the most. Yet, through the kindness of all those celebrity mags, she knows what her favorite actress thinks about everything!I see things only getting worse because the average liberal politician is very much aware of what I've just stated. Therefore, the money-burning boondoggles will go on.
According to reports this morning, the Obama Transition team was told of the problems with the VA by their Bush counterparts. IN 2008!!!!! For him to profess only just learning of the problems, is just another, in a long line of bald-faced lies. And, his real fear, is that some people are starting to connect the dots from the ACA to health care at the VA. THIS is what happens when the government is providing health care. Death panels, anyone?
There are people like myself who are thankful for FOX. If it wasn't for them, there would be little or no coverage of an overly mendacious administration. Where are the journalists who could be winning Pulitzers in covering the never-ending scandals? I find it curious, that a person in the "news" business would ignore real news.Just to protect an administration's ideology?? Despite they're shunning coverage of real stories, it's going to come out anyway. They shielded him for nothing. Now, they look like the spineless fools that they are.
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Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

E. James Wrote: May 07, 2014 7:43 AM
Great column, John!! I, for one, have never wanted to see Obama impeached because it would distract the country from the man's ineptness. Does that sound contradictory? It's not, because as we zeroed in on the "impeachment matter", the country would divide, the many other scandals would get lost in the smoke of battle, and we WOULD create a martyr in the long run. However, I hope that we pursue every other scandal right into the Oval Office because, even the voters who never pay attention will see what a sordid administration this man created after all those lofty promises.. I guarantee that, if we can drag out the truth, he will be reviled more than Nixon, Carter, Hoover, et al./
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Another Company Abandons California

E. James Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 2:46 PM
How true! It seems that we are a "two state" nation. There are those states that have good, financial leadership, and there are those like Connecticut, where I live, that are sucking the life blood out of their tax payers. The gov of Connecticut just rescinded his pledge to return $55.00 dollars to every tax payer. What a joke!! He's been playing games with his budget because it's time to issue his "report card". Business is fleeing the state along with our young people. Connecticut will soon be in the same condition as other blue states. They just don't get it!!!
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Poll: Even Illinois is Sick of Obama

E. James Wrote: Apr 26, 2014 9:26 AM
In Connecticut we have two Senators and five Congressional members, all Democrat. We have a Democrat governor elected in a dubious fashion. The Legislature has been controlled by the Democrats since Hector was a pup. We have been voted as "one of the ten worst states for business". Our senior Senator was elected even after lying about being a Marine in Vietnam.(He never left the States.)And polls show that our young people, after graduation, are leaving the state in droves. This was once known as "the land of steady habits".New England has become a Liberal wasteland, and there seems to be little chance to reverse the trend. Move over, Illinois, you've got company.
That shows how really stupid unions are. Suppose every union worker "slowed down" so that no worker would be "shone up", and as a result, production fell way off. Obviously, the next logical step is probably, that the company goes out of business or closes that plant. Either way, ALL the union employees are out of work. I don't understand their mentality. When Eastern Airlines was shut down by union problems(and went out of business), some workers declared victory!!!! Now, how dumb is that?
It's a great article and I admire Attkisson for exposing her former network. But this shouldn't be news to anyone who's been following the programming of the various outlets. The media, most of them, have sunk to a new low. The way they twist and censor the news is disgusting. They, literally, made Obama and they've doubled down on keeping all the news of his reign in a favorable light. They don't sway the informed voter, but the low and no information voter gets all his "knowledge" from sound bites and headlines. THAT'S why Obama was able to shrug off his first four years and gain another term. In my estimation, what the MSM is doing to the people of this country, is treasonous!!
Well, we certainly know now, that he's not a part of the "best and Brightest", but, had he not sealed his records, maybe, even his worshipers would have seen that also. I have, and continue to blame, the media for , first, creating this monster, and then spending the next six years keeping him afloat. If they are belatedly discovering that it was all a huge mistake, then it behooves them to attack his mis-begotten policies as though he was a Republican. We have to minimize the damage over the next two years.
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Why Not Arm the Jews In Ukraine?

E. James Wrote: Apr 19, 2014 8:48 AM
Obama has been mute about the slaughtering of Christians in the ME, so why would he speak up for the Jews in Ukraine? It's abhorrent the way this administration has committed sins of "omission"as well "commission" and the spineless media doesn't see a thing. They, intentionally, play down or even ignore news that would have sent previous administrations running for the exits. There's a Pulitzer waiting for another "Woodward" if he/she only has the guts to challenge the "Messiah". I'm embarassed for my country at the way Obama has waffled over every meaningful issue that cries out for a decisive leader.
Pelosi has to be one of the ten dumbest Representatives of either party to have ever served in Congress!!
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