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Geraldo makes the mistake that all those who want to end gun ownership make. They assume that, "if only we'd listen to them", gun tragedies, both accidental and malicious, would cease. They completely ignore the fact that most crimes involving guns are perpetrated with ILLEGAL guns!! Yes, there ARE accidents, and most accidents are avoidable with a little common sense.(Ex: Adam Lanza's mother knew she had a troubled son. She should have secured those weapons at ALL times.) I don't own a gun but I respect the fact that any sane person can if he/she wants to. Taking those people's guns away will accomplish nothing.
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Hollywood Anoints Obama Supreme Leader

E. James Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 10:25 AM
Thanks to an all-too-compliant media, Americans(at least the lazy ones) are being brain-washed on a daily basis.And, let's be clear; this is no accident. Michelle Malkin has a great column today about an enormous Liberal pile of money that is being used to change our way of life. As she points out, Harry, somehow, doesn't notice these people while he's attacking the Koch brothers. In my almost 80 years, I have never witnessed such an onslaught on our way of life. At every level these people are trying to "transform" the country, just like Obama told us he would. There are dozens of examples out there that I believe, readers on this site, are well aware.
I'm with you, Joe. Palin can serve the Republican Party well by going around the country supporting candidates for higher office. But, she CANNOT be a major player for the simple reason that she is too polarizing. If she's becomes the subject of debate, we lose traction. And, she is NOT a better candidate than Romney. In my opinion, the country lost out big time by not electing Mitt. He had the chops to fix a lot of what was wrong. Instead, we renewed the lease for a man who is out to destroy us.
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So 'Obama': Fair is Unfair

E. James Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 7:40 AM
Once in a while, John, your column will depress me. Today was one of those days, because, while the problems AND their solutions are obvious, nothing, involving a common sense solution, will be done. I'm afraid that government has become too unwieldy to rein in. I also think that there are people on both sides of the aisle that are OK with that. Term limits would go a long way in correcting the problems, but what are the chances of THAT happening? Like I said, some days you depress me, John.
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Equality! Obama's the Worst!

E. James Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 8:07 AM
So right, Kirk!! Six years into his presidency and the man is still in "campaign mode". Why? because campaigning is the only thing he does well. I would hope that the electorate, having seen what a "Rock Star without credentials" can do to a country, will never again, allow the media to make up their minds for them. Then again, that is just wishful thinking. The media gave us this incompetent, and STILL hasn't turned on him. If and when that happens, he will implode, because his massive ego will not be able to handle it. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he got the results of the poll. Is there a dead messenger in the White House????????????????/
I should have include Brice Price in my comment. He's the one who actually wrote the denial, and 45 seconded it. It must suck to be these two. What demons must occupy their minds??!!??
I'm disappointed with the moderator of this site. Earlier today, I took serious issue with 45caliber and his denying of the Sandy Hook massacre. No sane person questions that 23 people, mostly children, were killed that awful day. I am furious that, for whatever sick reason, there are idiots running around denying that a tragedy took place. These people are of the same mentality as those who deny the Holocaust. What motivates sick minds to fly in the face of facts and events witnessed by hundreds, and in the case of the Holocaust, hundreds of thousands who saw the evidence, if not the actual act? Those poor families who saw a young child off to school that morning, only to identify their little bodies later that day, do not deserve people like 45 denying their worst nightmare. What prompts people like these to display their sadistic stupidity to the world? I, honestly, don't have the words to describe the revulsion I felt when I read 45's screed. He(or she) has to live with him/herself. That, I imagine, is punishment enough.
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Welcome Our Newest Ally! Iran!

E. James Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 6:30 PM
If Obama had worked out a Status of Forces agreement instead of hurrying to fulfill at least one campaign pledge, there would have been no ISIS in Iraq. It was said from the beginning: Obama is an amateur, and every day reinforces that statement. He didn't even have the good sense to surround himself with seasoned experts. Valerie Jarrett is probably the worst presidential advisor in history. How can ANYONE continue to protect this bumbling idiot. We may nevr undo what he has done to this country!! Banjo Ears was /is a good teleprompter reader. His talents begin and end with that skill.
I've lost track of how many laws Obama has broken, but I am petrified by what this means. Impeachment is out of the question since Dingy Harry would never allow it to reach the floor, and the spineless media would turn it into a bashing of those"rascist Republicans." But, what message is this sending to future presidents? Can we be sure that those executives would have more respect for the law than this craven impostor? He KNOWS that he's not up to the job, so he bullies Congress to prove how tough he is. Is this a blueprint for the future? Throw in Holder, Reid, Pelosi and a protective media and we are surely being "transformed."!!!!!!!!!!!!
There has NEVER been, in my lifetime(79), a President as classless as this one. Two years after being reelected, and he's still in full campaign mode. Why? Because it's the only thing he does well. He sure as hell doesn't govern well. All presidents twist the truth. He strangles it!! He never takes blame if there's any chance to foist it on someone else.(Remember how many times he blamed W??) I have, in the past, respected presidents that I didn't vote for, but it is impossible to respect Obama. He is nothing less than despicable. You would think that getting elected twice would have converted this Chicago pol to something resembling one of his predecessors. He's not capable of displaying the dignity of the office.
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