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Pelosi has to be one of the ten dumbest Representatives of either party to have ever served in Congress!!
One of the best comments I have read. You nailed it! Unfortunately. you have a spineless press corps who are committed to sheltering their creation from any truth or criticism. There's not even ONE of them who aspires to a Pulitzer and would dig into the buffet of scandals that this administration has produced. Who knew Woodward and Bernstein before Watergate? Yet, these two became famous and wealthy because they saw a "story" and went after it. Imagine! A media so enamored of this empty suit that not one of them would do something that would make their career. Disgusting!!
Wait until the REAL bill comes due. To keep insurance companies on board, Sebelius and her lying boss had to promise insurance companies that they would not get hurt because of inoperable actuarial numbers. Do we have ANY idea what this is going to cost??
I don't know where you got your "60%" figure, GKO. Every poll that I've seen, including ones conducted by the Liberal news outlets(MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc.) all support the 26% figure. With all the problems, the lies and the waivers, only a dedicated Obama supporter could possibly think that this plan is a success.
Really, Moe. I doubt whether Bibi would agree with your post. W was a REAL friend of Israel. Obama would sacrifice the Jews to his "brethren" in a heart beat. Why haven't American Jewish voters seen this? I'm amazed at the amount of support Obama gets from the Jewish electorate. Of course, the MSM have something to do with how much REAL information gets out.
Smackdab on, John. It always bothers me that only a tiny per cent of citizens(voters) get to read articles like today's. Hypocrisy knows no bounds in our country today, and the biggest hypocrite lives in the White House. He, flat out, amazes me again and again when he makes a statement that is 180 degrees from something he's said before. Or when he tells us "how great the economy is doing".
About the only satisfaction that we can expect from this ugly demonstration of how not to govern, may come from future historians IF they have the courage to tell the truth about "The Reign of Obama". Just when you think that he can't top his last failure, he wows you with his next. And what is so maddening, is to watch that self-satisfied smugness, as he tells us how great he's doing, and how much better he'd do if those "miserable Republicans" would just get in line, or shut up, or just go away. Will SOMEONE please tell him what a failure he is!!
I'm 79 years old and have followed politics(and voted) all my life. I don't believe that it's an overstatement to say that the upcoming mid-term election is the most important election in my lifetime. John mentions that some(many) of Obama's programs won't become problematic until he's out of office. That's why I feel that this next election is our only chance to mitigate the damage he's inflicting. Of course, if the electorate, in all their "wisdom", installs Hillary as our next president, then the damage is irreversible. Did I mention I was 79? Maybe I won't be around to witness the destruction of my country.
The UAW and other large unions can expect more of these setbacks. That's why they're slithering into low-pay fields where they can use rascism more effectively. What unions don't understand is that you cannot repeal the "law of gravity". That's why, even their forays into fast food and menial services areas is also doomed. There may be high-paying jobs flipping burgers in the states where fracking is booming, but not in your every day environment where a $2.00 increase will result in burgers that feed low-income minorities that are not affordable OR many will lose their jobs instead of a pay raise. Also, a lot of workers are wising up to the fact that their dues are supporting a high life style for their leaders while not accomplishing much for them.That, plus, seeing their dues going to pols who don't do a damn thing for them except to foment hatred of the very people who employ them.
As foolish as a bunch of Democrats looked over the weekend, extolling the virtues of "more leisure time" to, I don't know, maybe invent the perfect mouse trap?, they wouldn't have dared praising the CBO report as they did if they weren't confident that the MSM would remain silent instead of calling out their stupidity. A legitimate press corps would have asked these braying hyenas where the grocery money, and the rent money was going to come from while the new leisure class wrote poetry. Let's face it. We can no longer depend on an honest media to call out the phonies. WaPo hands out a few Pinocchios and pat themselves on the back while their left-leaning brethren try to spin the news every time Obama stumbles. The Founders thought that the people would always be able to count on the media to keep the politicians honest. Not any more!
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