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Why ABC Tried to Blame the Tea Party for Aurora

Dynomite Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 7:33 AM
There is a simple answer: they are Democrats. And many members of the media and entertainment industries are union members. Hence they hate capitalism and much of which America and the "tea party movement" is all about which is individual freedom. Marxist sheeple do not like individual freedom....
inquisiteur Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 9:47 AM
D, What is the proof that Dems hate capitalism?

Is not capitalism modern secular conservativism?

James Holmes is a human earthquake. We are as ill-equipped to predict the eruptions of such human beings as we are to predict the eruptions of the earth.

But that doesn't mean that nothing meaningful came out of the Aurora tragedy.

Something quite important did, though few Americans are aware of it because it has already entered the mainstream media's memory hole.

On ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday morning, Brian Ross, chief investigative reporter for ABC News, announced to George Stephanopoulos and millions of viewers that there's "a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado page on the...