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Romney Spent $18.50 Per Vote For the GOP Nomination

Dynomite Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 10:16 AM
These articles on money in politics always stop at a predictable point - just before they have to tell you where a vast majority of that money ends up: with the media. And the media does not want to talk about their own huge windfall profits they make selling campaign ads. Then, since 95+% of the media are Democrats and a large portion of them are union members, a big chunk of that money flows back to the Democrat party. Follow the money!
Rick Santorum dropped out of the race a few weeks ago. Newt Gingrich half-dropped out today (and word is that he'll make it more formal next week). Ron Paul soldiers on, but aside from his hardcore (and very vocal) supporters, he has no shot.

What kind of cost did the protracted, sometimes-ugly primary take on both voters and candidates? It's difficult to discern the electoral consequences, but we can look at the financial toll taken.

CNN Money has, and Mitt Romney spent a king's ransom to capture the GOP nod.

Romney spent a...