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Wanted: A President and a Congress Who Will Put Fat City on a Crash Diet

Dyadd Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 10:12 AM
The kind of cuts needed will not happen until an alternative is offered for existing programs that the general public will support with enthusiasm.

WASHINGTON - Archaic, bloated, duplicative, wasteful, inefficient government is like the weather. People complain about it but no one's figured out how to change it.

I took some comprehensive, well-received whacks at the problem in several books in the 1980s, one of which was "Fat City - How Washington Wastes Your Taxes." It focused on waste and wantonness in more than a hundred agencies, programs and other back-water bureaucracies, costing more than $100 billion a year, which cried out to be terminated, downsized or sold on the auction block.

That was big money then, but it wouldn't even dent the debt...