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She is clearly a good for nothing. A step up from Holder - far less than nothing.
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BREAKING: Romney Says He Will Not Run in 2016

Dyadd Wrote: 17 hours ago (11:26 AM)
Now he can focus on productive activity. He is better at that.
Pity the troops under this leadership and current rules of engagement.
Americans are still being killed serving under this kind of leadership.
The political "fix" is always a tool to expand the Democrat Party base and pay off the GOP leadership. Works like a charm.
EBT cookies taste good. A direct refund buys more Twinkies. That is why cash is always King. That is why the Democrat Party exists - it pays its base off with hard cash.
How much do Americans really love government "benefits" trickled on them from the infected bladder of a welfare state run by and for crony capitalists and government minions? Would they rather have the unfiltered cash? Why doesn't a pollster ever ask them? ;-) ;-)
LOL! You really think people prefer "benefits" to cash money? Think again Rod. ;-)
Americans would rather have their money back regardless of what Congress, the SCOTUS, or even Kaiser think.
Codepink is code for Red.
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