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Most of the perceived differences have more to do with regional political expediency and personal greed than substance. There only "good" progressives are the dead progressives.
HRC will remain viable until the Democrat Party/MSM wants her gone.
Good point. Ron Paul is a indeed a RINO, and Specter is what is called a Good RINO.
Competent serious political opposition to the Democrat Party/MSM would have been running short ads documenting MSM lies for decades.
WJF: "...there is 'NO Difference' between a Democrat and a Republican." That is not the question being asked. This is the question: What is the difference between a RINO and a Democrat? Someone should ask these people: Jim Leach, Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg, Pete McCloskey, Arlen Specter. Michael Castle, Wayne Gilchrest, Larry Pressler, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Jeffords, Richard Lugar. Charlie Crist … I am sure they will give an honest answer. ;-)
Have the Dems dodged the IRS "bullet"?
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DML 2016?

Dyadd Wrote: 15 hours ago (9:56 AM)
Specifics please.
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The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad

Dyadd Wrote: 15 hours ago (9:52 AM)
Have any American mosques denounced ISIS/ISIL/IS?
Is it possible that the people who traffic weapons to drug cartels actually work for the cartels? ;-)
KS has gone Dem often since the 50s. It has a very entrenched Party establishment that has never been very politically adept - well - since the 1860s. Would probably have to bring back Brown and the Jay Hawkers to cleanse KS of Democrats. ;-)
1. Big cuts in government. 2. Offer the savings to the American people (the victims of decades of bad government). Cash back has more bipartisan appeal than any new New Deal - this is not the 20th century. ;-)
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