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Obama in 2010: I Wish We Could Have a "Serious Conversation" About Medicare's Insolvency

dwsmokin Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 10:20 PM
In the four years this administration has been in office, the President has always called for a "serious" conversation about a lot of things. Yet when those on the other side of the aisle disagree-in a civil fashion-he yanks the offer and calls them unapproachable. His "serious" discussions seem to mean "agree with me or I will ignore you." Maybe the electorate is finally catching on.

This remarkable video, culled from The One's appearance at the House Republican retreat in 2010, is quite illuminating.  The president calls Paul Ryan's initial reform package "serious" (it's since been updated to incorporate a bipartisan solution), he tells the truth about the drivers of our long term and unsustainable debt, and he acknowledges that Ryan's proposal "grandfathers in" those who are 55 or above (a fact that his campaign and surrogates now purposefully elide):