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Most on the right? Interesting take. About what for instance? It's OK to register dead people. or the same person multiple times, or illegals to vote, yet it's heresy to ask them for ID? Interesting viewpoint-wrong to use your word- but interesting.
Thugs? Come on, give me a break. So you're saying it's OK to register illegals, or the same person multiple times, or dead people, because the atmosphere 50 years ago sucked? What hardship is created on ANYONE in today's society be requiring them to prove who they are? Do they cash checks? Do they apply for jobs? Do they pay taxes? In today's world, we are required to prove who we are on a daily basis, yet you insist that to do so in order to vote is an unfathomable burden. What an absolute crock of $%#. Simple solution-everybody plays by the same rules. One man, one vote. Your man loses, you accept it and look toward the next election.
Wow-what an open mind you have. I guess the whole ACORN thing was just overblown. All those dead folks voting, and illegals, and felons, and folks voting multiple times. Yep, it's the mean old Repubs who rig elections. The left has always had an "end justifies the means" mentality-you're so convinced you have the answer, that when you break rules (or laws) it's righteous, so it's ok. Look up the definition of hyprocisy-you'll see a picture of a smiling Liberal.
I can't help but see Franken driving the tram in Trading Places every time I hear his name. Amazed he garnered enough votes to even have a recount. I guess the cold must have gotten to the folks at the polls.
Gee, let's frighten voters. Let's tell them our opponent is going to throw Grandma off a cliff. Oh, wait-the Dems said that about Ryan. How about we say that if our opponent goes to the White House, it will be a disaster? Oh wait, DWS said that about Ryan. How about we say if our opponent is elected, people will die? Oops, Dems said that about Romney. Oh Yeah, it's the Repubs who are all about frightening voters. When you shovel that stuff, it leaves an odor.
So you make the perfect case for reforming the process-starting with voter ID. Why is it so offensive to actually require a voter to prove who they are in order to guarantee they vote once-and only once? Why is it so offensive to make sure that people who are actually dead are not being registered and still having their vote count? We're not talking hanging chads, or boxes of ballets in the trunk of a car, but a genuine step forward enforcing the "one person, one vote" concept. Why is that offensive?
Of course. Apparently Democracy is allowing anyone to register to vote as many times as they want (as long as they vote for your guy), but voter suppression is actually asking the voter to prove who he/she is. Crazy people those Libs.
So, are we correct to assume that when ACORN registered dead people, or illegals, or convicted felons, or helped voters register multiple times under different aliases, they were practicing voter suppression? Fantastic-someone on the left who finally agrees with common sense.
By all means, don't let the little things like facts get in your way. The "you didn't complain when it went your way" line is a bit old-about 12 years or so. Fact is-voter fraud has always existed, and would be virtually impossible to stop considering all the individual voter precincts around the nation. But that is no reason to accept it. So I assume since-while the rest of the nation requires ID for virtually everything from cashing a check to getting your laundry, requiring it for voting would be 'disenfranchising voters", yet voter fraud-registering the dead, multiple aliases registering the same person, allowing convicted felons to vote-is A OK with you. Figures.
Wow-a totally uninformed, fact-less & emotional response to a fact-based, legitimate story that can easily be confirmed. I would expect nothing less from the left.
Best way to solve this is to let Debbie Wasserman Schultz weigh in on it. Let's face it-at some point the lady will come out with an intelligent line-the law of averages is on her side.
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