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Free room and board for the rest of his worthless life.
Ignorance can be fixed, stupid is permanent.
Obama the Lying King.
In warfare, there's nothing like the element of surprise. And this is nothing like the element of surprise.
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A Failure to Confront Evil

DWinch Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 11:24 AM
As I'm sure you already know, there's no known cure for that kind of stupid. Don't hurt yourself trying to understand the mind of a liberal or the lack there of.
Well, someone has to move those things.
"Heads for sale, get you heads here while supplies last". Yah, that will go over big on E-bay.
Give him a break, Joe's never touched a real woman before, just some inflatable ones and a few livestock!
I have little doubt that liberals evolved from apes, in fact, they give apes a bad name by their animistic behavior. I believe liberals owe apes an apology.
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