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People would be shocked at how much of America is for sale to our enemies. America's biggest enemies are in Washington DC.
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President Obama Should Go Down to Border

DWinch Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 12:01 PM
Just like his own dead-beat father.
I do want to see that movie though, buy it on DVD and send a copy to Obummer!
Are you saying the gay, commie, muslim doesn't have America's best interests at heart? I'm shocked!
Obummer wants to stay clear of the border, just in case one of those "Fast and Furious" guns comes back to haunt him.
Not interested in a photo op? What a lying POS (Product Of Satan).
Animals stick up for one other, when they're not eating each other.
Nobody shoots Bambi. It's his big brother we want!
You will have to excuse him, when you have the brains of a gnat, you forget what you posted a minute ago. No offence to gnats intended!
That's another one of those inconvenient details the liberals ignore. It's okay to chop up an eagle, as long as it's for the environment.
Thank you for doing that, make us proud.
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