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I as an American citizen don't feel that this british has any business telling anyone about gun control. If you are NOT an American citizen ( and it angry me off that how flippently he threw our constitution back at Ben) because he has no use for it. He needs to get out of America, and since Britain doesn't want him back, a third world country should be right up his league.
I have to do the the same thing. God know the beginning to the end, He knew ahead of time what this guy would do. It's God's wake up call to America. I have read articles done by forensic people who know body language and look at what people say and what they really mean. Should google it. If I could guess by the comment made yesterday by things I have read in vote "in Revenge" he is really saying vote against an ineligible person in the WH and for all the deceptions he has poured on our country.
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And Now He's Ticked Off Hillary

dwilliams486 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 6:52 PM
I would have a lot of respect if Hillary stood up and told the truth. What she going to lose - her job, which she doesn't want to keep anyways. The larger perspective of the situation is when Hillary ran in the primaries and she asked America "who do you want on the other end of the call at 3 am"? I think this weighs on her heavily...I am not a Bill Clinton fan but if he has the balls he needs to help his wife and help bring the truth to light. I believe it takes more guts to be truthful than a gutless liar who hides behind everyone else so his true side isn't shown. Hillary do the right think before this election. I believe she knows what will happen to this country is BO gets re elected.
Here's a thought - if ACA is supplying insurance for everyone, why is Planned Parenthood needed then? Any thoughts
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