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Won't work. His method of blatantly directing the conversation would be entrapment if the police tried it. And his videos are useless as evidence for that same reason. He introduced the idea into their conversations. This video is NOT good evidence of anything but an attempt to entrap.
Innocent until proven guilty. You have already convicted him.
So what. He still has his rights, and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Yes I think he deserted, but what do you expect the Army to do with him? Let him lounge at home on full pay awaiting the investigation and possible Court Martial? Or put him to work. Obviously they will keep him on duty until the process is completed however it works out.
If he's so conservative, why doesn't he honor the oath he swore and uphold the constitution. conservative or not he shut down a 100% constitutional activity in the name of BS PC speech restricting rules.
To say that the justice system failed for not prosecuting for an accidental discharge (Negligent really) is a lie and gives grounds for action to those who would restrict our right to keep and bear arms. Are you saying that anyone who has an accidental or negligent discharge that harms nobody should be stripped of their 2A rights? Maybe something should have been in the NCIS system over his current treatment for paranoia, but even that should only be entered if the Doctor is certain the patient is a risk to himself or others.
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