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Report: Sad Federal Employees :(

DwightMann Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 7:31 AM
We need to make the government a private sector of the work force. They need to learn how to get the job done, on time, without bureaucracy, and with less regulation. They are the monstrosity that is killing this country. . . I can do just about anything that they do for less, and faster, and of course better. . . It would be cheaper to just put them on some type of entitlement eh?

Federal employees are overpaid and underworked (probably a good thing), but a tear-jerker in today’s Washington Post reports that “job satisfaction across the government has hit its lowest point in almost a decade”:

It’s no secret that federal workers are feeling worn down. They’ve had their salaries frozen and are at the center of a partisan debate over the value of their work. A report due out Thursday, based on the largest sample ever of the workforce of 2 million, confirms a steady decline in morale...