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Worse Than Death Panels

dwhite892 Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 6:22 PM
Sorry, you're not up to date on the latest genetics. Its not the basic DNA code but what RNA has been turned on and is directing what proteins should be broken down or made. All that supposed junk DNA has many effects on the basic DNA code. Humans have a lot more complicated molecular chemistry than any one thought. Read the "Genie in Your Genes" a little outdated but explains why Human Genome Projects have not produced the miracles that were predicted.

Personalized medicine is the future. It's where the science is going. It's where the technology is going. It's where doctors and patients will want to go. Yet, unfortunately for many of us, this is not where the Obama administration wants to go.

First, the good news. All this is great news. Unless you happen to be in traditional Medicare. Or in Medicaid. Or unless you acquire subsidized insurance in a health insurance exchange. Or in some cases, even if you get health insurance from an employer.

Implantable or attachable devices already exist — or soon will exist — that can...