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On the Road to Death Panels

dwhite892 Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 12:45 PM
And to continue to break down the stats, How many of the births are to tax paying citizens compared to food stamp mothers? 1:3? 1:5? Again it doesn't take a math genus to see where we are headed. When the family breaks down every thing else is in trouble. And Big Bird is a symptom, when have you seen on Sesame Street a mother and father married with kids? Father Knows Best, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave to Beaver, etc. Have been driven from TV and replaced with Friends and the sleep around crowd shows.

With the first presidential debate and the only vice-presidential debate behind us, it seems pretty clear that so-called "social issues" are not going to get much attention in this year's presidential politics.

It's unfortunate, I think. We deceive ourselves to permit the assumption that values and behavior are not the real drivers behind our economic problems.

The fiscal crisis of our entitlement programs is the direct result of these values and behavior.

The fiscal soundness of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is rooted in the assumption that those...