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what of wprt? i have been doing well but now i am long. is this wart ever coming back?
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Your 'To Do' List to Save America

dwelch Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 6:38 PM
wjf...what you say is absolutely 100% true except you don't say why. are you afraid to sleep on the couch? i'll help you out and keep you out of trouble at home 'cause i could not care less about who gets their panties in a twist. the reason that the republican party is toast is because women always go for the nanny state and more free stuff for themselves before they consider sacrificing for the country and always have. that agenda is best served when they support high taxes, divorce, custody for moms, selective service for men but not women, food stamps, welfare, medicaid, free housing, free cell phones, free education, free heat, free transportation, free condoms, free birth control, free abortion, free free free from thee to me. this list is most easily filled by a government that panders to single women. the democrat party is that political entity that understands how to pander to women. they know and so do most americans. it is what it is. hillary won't be a potus for all americans any more than obama has been. he is a racist and hillary is a feminist. she will simply shift the social construct narrative from race to gender politics and reparations from whites to minorities to redistribution of assets from white males to females. the nfl is but a test tube. the real target is the 300 trillion dollars that white males control. there, did that work?
women voting for more free stuff instead of for america. shocker!
jamie188...my theory is this: most lesbians are not good looking (with some exceptions of course) for a variety of reasons not germane to this topic and almost all lesbians are liberal feminists. that's a lot of ugly female democrats right from the jump. now factor in the idea that liberal women are, by definition, not interested in looking good for nasty smelly men 'cause they aren't interested in mating, just power and redistribution of that power along with the assets of white males to themselves, so there you have another large number of leftist hags who don't care how they present themselves to the world. it all adds up to a real ugly bunch of hate filled haters.
you're spineless. do you ask permission to pee standing up?
don't the feminist make you proud? how many do you have in your family and circle of friends?
this the future. there is zero chance it dissipates. that would be bupkis for those who live in lala land. hillary will be the ultimate feminist nanny state uberpotus. ask your 20 something nieces, daughters and their friends what they think. go ahead, i dare you.
you need to see the future for what it is big guy. this isn't going to stop for 100 years and even then.... don't hold your breath.
well...........we do have a new culture now. coulda shoulda woulda. from thee to me. reparations from whites to minorities. redistribution of assets from white males to white females. the social construct has changed. for good. those still in the dark will get a huge dose of reality come 2016 when hillary takes over. kaboom! embrace the suck.
perhaps so but consider....this will be but a short respite (not that congress will or would be able to stop obama from using his poison pen) as 2016 will see the most hateful gender agenda driven potus to ever occupy the w.h. in too many ways to enumerate, hillary will make obama seem like small potatoes. where as obama hates us all, hillary is very specific in her hatred. she will exacerbate (for some) and accelerate (for sure) the redistribution of assets from white males to white females at an alarming (to some, others won't notice or care) rate and lets hope and trust that will make for a better america and world. as for me, i am secure and so are my assets...at least i think my assets are secure from her. i am sure that if there is a way for her to take them from me, her cabal will figure that out and that will be that.
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