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7 Reasons Marriage Is Falling Apart in America

dwelch Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 9:23 AM
the only way marriage can survive is if men become house hubbies so that women can run the world and still have babies. if that doesn't become the norm, there is no way marriage will make it. women have so many options now (most paid for by the nanny state) that, simply put, they have begun the process of controlling the social construct and men will either become compliant and enabling or they will be pushed aside and forgotten. this is not a reversible situation. protect your assets boys 'cause they're comin' after you.
It's no secret that marriage has been in decline in America, but most people don't realize how quickly it has been crumbling. The numbers are staggering and the sea change in attitude that has gone along with them would shock previous generations of Americans.

"In 1960, two-thirds (68%) of all twenty-somethings were married. In 2008, just 26% were." "To get a sense of how different attitudes were in the 1960s, perhaps this will do it. (M)arried women were asked, ‘In your opinion, do you think it is all right for a woman to have sexual relations before marriage...