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Will Brian Williams Lose His Job?

Dwayne15 Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 3:52 PM
Where are all the brainless trolls defending Williams?
Lois is a drive by shooter......Seems it's the only thing libs are really good at
I feel your pain......Kalifornia here
"Fast Buck" lawyers.....Should hang the lot
Wilson's life is over.....I wouldn't be surprised if he disappeared into the witness protection program.
McConnell has guaranteed the Dems no government shutdown, pretty much taking the Republicans options off the table. McConnell's only weapon left is harsh language. I'm pretty sure that won't work
Does that "equal pay for women" have anything to do with free cigars Bill?
Group delusion indeed.......I always wondered if all 315 million of us can have the same non-stop nightmare...............
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