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We seem to act like we're not electing a President in 2016.....We act like we're electing a prom queen. If the republican party can't put up a candidate that can fight in the gutter with the media and show them for the biased idiots they are, we will lose.
+10 Sloandog..............
X10..............Spot on Rick
Well....Here we go again. Two opponents for the office and no contrast. The only thing different between the two is gender, and I'm not even sure about that.
Just say no Jeb........
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The Koch Brothers Give to Democrats Too

Dwayne15 Wrote: Mar 22, 2014 12:52 PM
Take a look at the list of all time top donors and you notice that the top 16 give to the Dems......The Koch Brothers come in at #59 on that list.
What percentage of the 41% that support it have signed up?
So....Carlas7 aka Sybil has managed to hijack yet another moniker and bore us with his usual mindless drivel
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