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Stand For Life

DVangura Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 8:45 AM
On the comment that "men have never had abortions, so they should not be commenting on it" I have some things to say. First is Bull$-h!t !! When you are there holding your girlfriends hand as the "doctor" sucks your unborn child out of her womb, you have had an abortion. You are faced with the same psychological problems that she has because of your decision. You are left to regret for years your "choice" and to wonder what your child would be like 18 years later. Men have abortions everyday. They are either a willing accomplice or the more fortunate ignorant victim who never knew that they were denied the privilege of being a father.

Editor’s note: Dr. Adams will speak at Christ Church Lutheran Church in Phoenix, AZ on January 19. The speech, which is part of the Voices for the Voiceless "Redefine" Conference, will begin shortly after the conference opens at 8 am. Dr. Adams will then go to Minneapolis to speak at the Minnesota Youth for Life Conference on January 21. The all-day conference will be at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

A former student recently emailed that she was disappointed that I had gotten so heavily involved with the student pro-life movement in recent years. She said she could remember a time when...