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Our Founders saw these events coming. They knew that despite their best efforts, human nature would corrupt the system. That is why they gave us, the people, a way to correct the abuse of power seen today at the Federal level of government. It is an Article V Convention of the States over which the Feds are powerless to stop. Call your State's Represenatives and Senators and demand that they submit a Call for Convention in the State Legislatures.
This is why the leftist were having seizures over the possibility of the Kock brothers buying several defunt leftist rag newspapers. As long as they control the media, only their message will be heard by the unwashed masses. That is why you should not support boycotts of these propaganda machines, but instead work to take them over. Support groups like the Media Research Center ( and the Media Picture Institute ( Destroy the totalitarian grip leftist demagogues have on the media, and our schools, and they loose!
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D-Day is Dumb Day for Too Many

DVangura Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 9:05 AM
CAL!!! What are you writing? "not beaches named Normandy and Omaha." BEACHES NAMED NORMANDY AND OMAHA??!!! I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you had a TIA? The names of the beaches were Utah, Omaha, Sword, Juno and Gold. Normandy was the location of the invasion.
Then they'll blame it on the "evil" power companies and demand gubiment to nationalize the entire industry. Welcome to Atlas Shrugged.
"Actual guns in school are quite scary." Ah, no. Actual guns in the hands of the right people in a school is quite reasuring.
and that doesn't include the $14000 loss to Fiat/Chrysler
Price difference between electric and gas 500: $32,650 - $17000 = $15650. Gas is about $3.50 per gallon. $15650/$3.50 per gallon = 4,471.4 gallons. Assuming 18 mile/gallon 4471.4 gallon X 18 mpg = 80,485.7 miles of driving before the cost are ruperated. As written below, "Liberalism is a mental disorder."
The question is why did he have to hide his contribution to Ms. Long, whom he supported? It because of unconstitutional restrictions on speech enacted by congressmen to protect their seats against outsiders.
Would someone please explain how the Constitution authorizes the Federal Government to dictate to a local school what they must put on their lunch menu? This is another perfect example, along with what type of light bulb and what type of toilet we must use in our home, of the totalitarian actions of illegal federal bureaucrats. The only solution to this is for a convention of the States so that they can reclaim the powers usurped by illegal decrees by the SCOTUS.
Does anyone remember 2007 and 2008? It was set in stone. The country did not need to even go through the inconvienent process of an "election." We should just give hilary her coronation and declare her "President for Life." What happened? Guess what will happen again.
From George Washingtong's Farewell Address
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