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Spread DEMOCRACY!!! Equality means citizens have the right to bear arms.
The cost really hasn't changed much except for the ammo. its averaging 25.00 for local matches.
Good Luck and have FUN!! IDPA is a blast (no pun intended) but is also ery educational. In my area we are begining to see many more ladies participate. In fact most local matches are free for ladies. The scenerios you face are similar ot real life situations and safety is always paramount. The safety officers do a great job keeping the area safe and reminding you constantly of safety rules. Good luck!!
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Team Obama Promoting Adult-Children Again

Dusty44 Wrote: Dec 18, 2013 4:50 PM
Let’s see at 26 I had already served in the Corps, married, bought a house, earned a Bachelor’s Degree and was employed doing what I loved. And of course had voted Republican in every election. This was only twenty years ago. What the heck has happened to our youth?
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