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If only there had been a scheduled golf outting prior to the rally, then I'm sure Obama could have made it.
yes, well said. ITs easy to "Monday Morning quarterback" when your view is that of a political hack.
I am not discussing killing, I’m discussing methods of questioning criminals. The summary being published is discussing methods of interrogation, nothing else. I stand by my comment. You may change the location to anywhere you wish- your family is taken by criminals and you capture one of them. To what level would question him to gather the information needed to retrieve your family safely? It’s easy to think everyone plays by the rules and “we are better than that”. But when its you or someone you love what would you do?
I know its an ethical dilemma, but his is not a conventional war where prisoners are treated according to international law. Suppose, if you will, that you arrive home just as three intruders kidnap your wife and daughter. You attempt to stop them but are unable to do so. You are injured but not severely. You manage to catch one of the intruders while the others escape. How would you question this intruder in order to gather the needed information to get your family back? Its easy to see things differently from the cheap seats.
Just curious are they on voters rolls?
Dang, should have read my post. Sorry for the misspellings. I'm truly not stupid just a poor typist and a lazy one.
Very good article and I'm afraid timely. While there certainly more Americans excersing thier right to carry a firearm, judging from an increase in permits. (By the way the Second seems to be the only Right one must have a permit to excersise) How many folsk actually carry? Most of my friends don't , though they have permits. They talks about "I'm just going to the grocery store" "I carry it when I think I might need it". Well if you are going somewhere you think you might need a weapon, don't go! The sad truth is none of us know when or where self defense might be called for. Obviously none of the recent victims from deranged shooteres thought they were going to be in a fight, they would not have went. I've never had ocassion to draw my weapon in civillian life and pray that I never do. But as I learned many years ag "Be Prepared". Speaking of preperation... how many folks that get a permit and do carry actually maintain thier profeciency? Most that I know might run through a box of ammo in a year, hardly enough to be profecient. Okay, sorry for the long post. Take care and God Bless America.
Good point
"President Obama was, in a previous life, a professor of constitutional law.", uhh no one ever said it was the U.S. Constitution.
Spread DEMOCRACY!!! Equality means citizens have the right to bear arms.
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