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At least Joni probably wrote most of her speech and I'm sure it was from her heart. Whereas our Dictator-in-Chief simply reads what his handlers have decided is the best way to destroy our economy, cripple our military and generally screw up the country more in the next two years than the last six years, if that's possible.
OK...so the Keystone pipeline construction would 'preempt state law'.....But it's completely alright for the Criminal-in-Chief to 'preempt state law' and saddle the states with 5 million ILLEGAL immigrant's Medicaid, Food stamps, education, welfare and God only knows what else Obumbler will dream up.
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Are Facts Obsolete?

DurangoKid Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 9:47 PM
No.....JUST GO!!!
As an unfortunate Arizona constituent, I TOTALLY AGREE with Jax33. That RINO McPain needs to take his meds and check into the home soon. He is an embarrassment to Arizona politics.
Obozo would like nothing better than a race war to break out so he can declare martial law, take away our guns and become Dictator-in-Chief for life. In the meantime, he tramples our Constitution, destroys us economically, redistributes our wealth to his communist buddies in Cuba, and opens the border doors to anyone with their hand out. Only the commie Castros will benefit by propping up another failed communist regime. All monies are siphoned to them and the people of Cuba will gain nothing....sad!
I think Obie only does what his handlers spoon feed him through Valerie Jarrett. This bozo has never even run a Kool-Aid stand. For someone who is supposedly SO smart, he could have been the poster boy for Dumb & Dumber. This is very predictable since Obie was brought up under communist influences all his life, from his mother, grandparents and Frank Marshall Davis (maybe his real father). He will always side with the muslims and communists (birds of a feather).
Liberalism can only be defined as a common sense mental disorder. True justice for these idiots would have them caught on the 5th floor of a burning building and they could see 'Miss Quota-maker' coming up the ladder to 'carry' them down.
2016 Presidential Ticket: Judge Jeanine / Diana West!! Enjoyed your columns immensely, Ms. West. Will miss you.
The garbage we are being fed about "we want the best and brightest" coming to our country is hogwash. The children and criminals from Central America are neither. They are coming with their hands out and the current administration is more than willing to fill them with handouts to insure future Demoncrat votes. The 1980's didn't have the same 'entitlement mentality' that exists today for illegals to mooch from us.
In all seriousness, libtards have a genetic defect in the 'common sense' cells of their brains. This is a condition best solved by permanently quarantining them on some deserted island....whoops....that wouldn't be large enough!!
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