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What people don't realize is that a great percentage of the Dictator-in-Chief's policies DON'T come from Obamass. His HANDLERS are the ones making policy!! He simply reads the policies from his teleprompters. This FRAUD could not even pass a civil security clearance because of his terrorist associations, communist connections, and anti-American bent, prior to becoming president......laughable. Any legislation that has his name associated with it can not be attributed to him, so in effect, he is a good speech reader with no intelligent thought behind it whatsoever.
The article states: "Both the media and the Democratic Party are complicit in that propaganda effort." Very interesting that in the 1960's the Democratic party was almost wholly responsible for racism at drinking fountains, restaurants, and voting booths. Now, they seem to have 'seen the light'. BTW....is it just me or does Al Sharpton's head appear WAY to big for his body?
This young lady is the model for the U.S. young people. She is the true picture of courage, bravery, and honor with bedrock goals to improve life for her country's children. She has my total respect.
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Agency Girls Gone Wild

DurangoKid Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 8:49 PM
With THESE hags.....I don't think so!! They would be sagging to the knees. Yuck!!
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More Gun Lies From Gabby Giffords

DurangoKid Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 4:43 PM
Giffords has become another 'prop' used by Obamass to further his un-American, Marxist/communist agenda. Too bad they couldn't piece her brain back together enough to recognize she is being used by the Fraud-in-Chief!!
An old saying: "If you rob Peter and give it to Paul, you will ALWAYS have Paul's vote!
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Does the South Belong in the Union?

DurangoKid Wrote: Jun 29, 2013 1:17 AM
Let's see....voter intimidation. Gee, who could champion the cause to eradicate that evil? Could it be Eric Holder possibly? It was he who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the case of the New Black Panthers wielding huge clubs outside a voter polling place during the 2008 elections. It seems we have more to worry about with the thugs-in-charge than the Southern states.
Ever wonder why Congress doesn't stand up to MaO-bama and defeat these commie travesties he foists on the country? I believe, through NSA snooping, listening, and recording, that he has gathered some scandals of his own involving Republicans and they are threatened with revealing those scandals unless they bow to his wishes. It's the Chicago-thug way!!
Shiite flows downhill....get my drift?
I trust everyone....but I always cut the cards! This pathological lying dweeb can not be trusted to do anything except destroy the Constitution and the country. Many teleprompter-induced speech readings extol that "this is the greatest country in history". One question Mr. Community-organizer-in-Chief....then why do you want to "fundamentally transform it" into a Marxist Socialist police state?? Oh, and if the FBI or NSA is reading this....eff off!!
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