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The Media That Ignored Obama’s Beliefs Goes After Mitt’s Mormonism

DukeofAlb Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 10:41 PM
I did not know that but think how much better things might have been if he won. I guess he was the Ron Paul of his time. I clarify that Joseph Smith did not Found the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, he was just the earthy servant(Prophet) Christ used to restore his church in these the Latter days.
Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 2:53 PM

You swallowed a calk and bull story, Duke City!

Smith, and his other cohorts, the entire cult, were ministers of the devil. Moroni if he ever appeared is just an angel spoken of by the holy apostle Paul, in Galatians, 1:8.

Capt-Call Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 2:39 PM
He was the Tony Alamo of his time , instead of prison he got shot

When the former junior state senator from Chicago, one Barack Obama—a man no one knew diddly about—decided, “Hey, I’m gonna run for president!” people were eager to learn more about this promising upstart. Uncle Joe Biden was curious about Barack. Joe said at first blush that Obama seemed “clean” and “articulate,” which, I think, would be a hate crime if a conservative said that about him.

Anyhoo, Obama impressed many chiefly because he could enthusiastically read vague, cliché-riddled speeches off a teleprompter that included lots of big words like nobody’s business! This ability to read hazy political speeches in...