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I did not know that but think how much better things might have been if he won. I guess he was the Ron Paul of his time. I clarify that Joseph Smith did not Found the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, he was just the earthy servant(Prophet) Christ used to restore his church in these the Latter days.
Everyone needs to know but most will not prepare themselves to find out. The Lord said don't cast your pearls before the swine. Not Secrets, but sacred things that we are commanded by Christ not to share with the bigoted swine that might ridicule sacred things. When Christ said don't cast the pearls before swine do you think he might have meant to keep the sacred things secret?
Anyone can receive, all but they must ask and prepare. If you are not willing to learn and do it , you are choosing to be ignorant. Why is it any reach doug 64's comments were biblical references? Don't you read and follow the Bible in your cult.
No, they will tell you what they believe is true. If they omit something it is probably becouse they don't know it themselves yet. They will answer all your questions or will find someone that will. Give them a chance! Your questions are how they learn more for themselves.
Thank you for the first part of your commits and shame on you for the last statement. Ask a active member or a missionary for you information not South Park.
Ha Ha Ha! What a bigoted comment.
And just becouse an ignorant bigot says you are a heretic it does not make you one either. After all Christ was accused tried and executed for his beliefs and he warned us not to make the same mistake. You sound like your bigotry is leading down the same road as the Sadducees they thought they where right too.
Of course you got your information from a Temple going member right. I thought you said it was secret and you could not get the information. Get the information from the right source pray about it with out the Bigoted heart and with a true intent to know the truth the Holy Spirit confirm the truth of it. If God and the plan of salvation is true there must be a way for everyone of his children to be saved even those that never heard of him or his church. As far as I have been a to discover the Temple ordinances that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints preform for the dead are the only ones any Christian denomination preform.
How ignorant! If you want to understand a missionary or active member will explain everything to you , but you don't want to understand do you? You like the sadducees will not see becouse of your traditions. The truth is and has always been the truth. The compromise traditions that the Roman government and the different religious groups agreed on at Nicene have a lot of the truth but a lot of man made compromise also. Do you ridicule the cross and other sacred objects too. As far as I know no Christian believes Christ is a beaver.
Because they are Christian. Why shouldn't they be offended when a holier than thou no nothing says different. If anyone says they are Christian don't persecute them they might testify against you at the final judgement. I even believe Obama and you believed you are christian. Even though there might not be good fruits to prove it.
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