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Do you fart to blow your nose since your head is that far up your rectum!
Yo stu, It's not the number of them, but how many are actually unconstitutional, don't you know!
comrade Flat-tush, aka lowass junior, derp.
lil perverted willie, So what? You lie! Islam has been killing Jews since 622 A.D!
lil perverted willie, So what!
Neither his nor your opinion on that matter means anything.
lil perverted willie, What about all the House submitted bills that your Dingy Harry Reid is holding? That's creating more hate for you Marxist Democrats!
Meh: Dippy Fi needs to understand she is not above reporach.
Liar, liar! Your rectum's on fire!
lil perverted willie, Your mullah zero-bama has no conscrience! Don't like the US Constitution? Move to a more suitable communist country!
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