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I don't care about the personal lives of any on-air personalities. It is not my business.
I believe that they arrested him, held him incommunicado, and then tossed him in jail and threw the key away!
Unfortunately, I am afraid that it HAS sunk that low.
I hope that there will be some Democrats in the House who will break ranks and join the select committee, but I am afraid that Nancy and Company will successfully pressure them to toe the party line so they ALL refuse to participate in the select committee.
I couldn't agree more, however I believe that the Dems and their allies in the MSM are going to continue their lies and obfuscations and will probably be successful, at least with the LIVs. They have indicated today that they are NOT going to participate in the select committee, thus making them able to attack it as a partisan witch hunt. I am terrified that this will be a successful strategy!
The one thing that Obama says over and over again is that the debate is over. He is right about that. It was never allowed to begin. Debate was over before he and his allies first proposed the bill. They would not listen to anyone who had a different solution for rising health care costs. I remember seeing the Republicans being physically barred by a locked door from the meeting room where the Obamacare bill was being crafted. I also remember being one of 1.8 million people who went to Washington D.C. in September 2009 to beg and plead that our government listen to us and NOT pass Obamacare. Not only were we completely ignored (it wasn't covered by the MSM), but we have been vilified repeatedly and Obamacare has been rammed down our throats. Debate has not been allowed in Congress as Obama makes unilateral and probably unconstitutional changes to the law. Obama is not lying about this one thing. Debate about Obamacare is truly over as surely as if he were an absolute monarch or a tyrannical dictator. Heaven help us!
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The Great Divide in America

dukebluedevil Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 9:38 AM
In answer to your question "What makes a liberal happy?" Only complete denial of your own beliefs and the words "Yes sir, you are correct about everything. I'm sorry for ever doubting you. I will never disagree with you again."
This president's administration is openly racist.
I agree with everything you say. In addition, I am really tired of progressives constantly trashing everyone who deviates from their accepted party line. Do they think that their ceaseless tirades and vendettas against opponents will convince anyone at all in the general public of the correctness of Liberal views?
Congress and the judiciary REALLY need to stop this tyrant.
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