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Silly you! Of course not. Unlike the first amendment freedom to practice our religios, the abortion clinics are essential---duh!
He's just showing his love of us "little guys."
I can't travel to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon but I did a small part to help one of the private businesses that is being hurt by the Federal thuggery. I booked and paid for a room for one night. If as many of us as can afford it can log onto the website of one of these businesses and help them weather this shutdown by buying a dinner or paying for a room for a night, maybe we can help minimize the pain.
A short open letter to the ACLU: Dear ACLU, Please advise. Exactly when, where, and under what circumstances ARE we allowed to pray? Can we pray silently outside on a beautiful fall day? Can we still do it in a church? Can military priests conduct mass? Can we pray in the privacy of our own homes? --- or will all of this soon be under legal assault? Re: a related issue, can churches display a cross or a nativity scene, or will these displays be deemed offensive too?
All part of the plan. Maximize the damage and insult. Blame Republicans for everything Feed your talking points to the MSM at every opportunity. Perhaps they have gotten careless this time.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots, does it? Since the MSM will deny the connection until the last dog dies, hopefully Rep. Issa's committee will uncover enough smoking guns that the last dog WILL die and the MSM will have to report this story. Then maybe even the LIVs will understand the unfairness and absolute illegality of this administration's deliberate actions against conservatives.
I think Rep. Issa is about to discover some smoking guns!
I love the way Obama shamelessly blames those who disagree with him of the tactics he himself employs. Who is guilty of extortion, the Republicans who are legislating by appropriation, a time-honored practice in the House, which is completely constitutional? Maybe it's the President and the Senate who make the shutdown as painful as possible and who refuse to compromise or even negotiate?
Every repressive regime eventually resorts to banning books.
I'm glad the TSA made it clear that it is not their job to stop people----WHAT? I guess that's why they did not detain the underwear bomber, or did he predate the TSA?
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