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We've been asking the government to do this since the 1960's. It is too sensible.
They just want to provide IDs for the illegals to facilitate THEIR future voting, in case anyone at the polls insists on an ID.
when I lived in Great Britain, I had a green card (yes, it really was green) identifying me as a resident alien. I had to carry it on my person any time I left my apartment. My guess is that in NYC, these ID cards will be used to facilitate the next step for these aliens--the right to vote for Democratic candidates in all elections.
Who lost Iraq? Why Bush did, of course. He is also responsible for everything else that has gone wrong in the past eight years (after the Dems gained control of Congress and forward)---,the housing collapse, GM bailout, bailout of big banks, devaluation of our currency, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the VA problems, the IRS problems, NSA spying on everyone, collapse of foreign policy, the nonexistence of our southern border, the impending fall of Afghanistan, the development of standing armies for federal agencies like EPA, DHS, FDA, and Dept. of Agriculture. Obama and his allies are the best thing since sliced bread and are absolutely blameless in everything. Bush did it all.
Perhaps she is unhappy because she doesn't get enough perquisites as First Lady.
I hear there is a shortage of fiddles in the land. The Department of Homeland Security has bought them all.
My greatest fear is that you will be right.
It's nice to know that our beloved President Obama has his priorities in order.
Largely unchecked illegal immigration has strained our country's resources for the past fifty years. Now those in government who want guaranteed voters and cheap labor have joined forces to totally overwhelm us.
For years I have thought all of Obama's damage to this country was caused by incompetence. Now I am horrified to believe it is intentional.
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