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Dividends: U.S. Continuing Descent Toward Recession

duggy2 Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 2:13 PM
Almost No media is talking about the debt in any meaningful way...why debt? where does money come from? who creates debt? who pays debt? what is debt doing to us? central banks are destroying economies. ..the  central banks are private cartels. .not owned by the people or their governments...these privately owned money creators manufacture money from nothing and use it to buy a country's debt  notes aka bonds..government bonds..debt't borrows all its spendy....! In the usa,  the criminal syndicate producing federal reserve notes as opposed to united states notes uses the FRN's to purchase u s treasury notes which are debt paper that we cits have to  pay for with income taxes..why? We should print our own value notes aka u s dol

We have been tracking a new potential indicator of the level of economic distress in the U.S. economy: the number of publicly-traded companies declaring whether they will act to cut their dividends each month. The data is now out for the just completed month of September 2012, which Standard and Poor has published in Excel spreadsheet format, which we've used to update our chart tracking this measure of economic health:

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