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Dave Says Task is to Survive

duggy2 Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 7:10 AM
Dave is so right. .the job is to survive the crashing economy...fractional reserve bank lending is sucking the equity out of your home or car or biz. the federal reserve is soaking up all your taxes that are going to pay on the 16 trillion dollar debt that none of us asked for

Dear Dave,

I’m an accountant, and my company is experiencing layoffs. I just learned that I’ll be losing my job in four weeks. I’ll receive a severance check, but I have no other savings set aside. Should I use some of the severance to pay off debt, or hold on to that money as long as I can?


Dear Frank,

I’d hang on to that money and pile up as much other cash as I possibly could. Right now, the most important worries are food, lights, water and shelter. Debt is not on the list. We need to take...