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Culture Challenge of the Week: Money Troubles

duggy2 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 7:22 AM
Rebecca gets govt should be allowed to borrow at all. ..ever...why does govt borrow? Because it is somehow prevented from printing its own sovereign currency by bankstards who own the federal reserve bank association and have bribed laws in place that allow only the fed to print money and use it to buy devastating u s bonds which we pay for with taxbux

“Mom, can I borrow some money?”

Every parent has heard this question from a son or daughter---perhaps many times.

How do you answer it?

Typically, a child or teen who wants to borrow money follows up on the request with an immediate list of reasons why he or she needs the money now, and why it makes sense for you to hand it over.

An adult son or daughter may take a more mature approach, following up with sophisticated explanations of need, reassurances about repayment, and logical points about why it makes sense for him or...