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Can You Predict Your Income Taxes in Retirement?

duggy2 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 7:48 AM
Why is no media talking about the debt? Except the briefest mention????. why is govt permitted to borrow instead of print cash?  why does treasury exchange bonds for cash with the ngo fed instead of printing cash with no debt attached?  why print bonds which are debt notes to exchange for dollars which are value notes..???? if treasury printed value notes aka dollars instead of printing debt notes aka  u s treasury bonds,  there would be no 16 trillion dollars of debt that you and i  pay with taxbux!!!!!!!!!  your govt has screwed you ever since the fed was bribed into effect in 1913.

Dear Carrie: I'm hoping to retire in the next couple of years. I'm starting to plan my budget and I am wondering how much I'll have to pay in income taxes. Can you help? --A Reader

Dear Reader: With future tax rates up in the air, it's pretty near impossible to accurately predict what any of us will be paying in income taxes in the future. But while your tax rate may be uncertain, understanding how different types of income are taxed can help you get a good sense of your ultimate bill. Thinking about the individual parts can also help...

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