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PLEASE GET RID OF THESE D*MN POP-UPS. I don't even want to read he articles anymore because of them....they are just WAY to invasive and a pain in the a$$ to get rid of. THANK YOU.
I HATE THESE POPUPS. Can you guys PLEASE stop this?
...will you PLEASE get rid of these INCREDIBLY ANNOYING pop-ups?
...people who actually think for themselves see your point Daniel, unfortunately, the rest of them see suffering for the sake of the government / ecology etc. as a virtue...and their way of presenting 'the truth' about why taxes must be raised to support those things IS rational IF the idea of limiting government is not considered....which HAS to be where the solution is.....but the fact is, big government is THE GOAL of the media and the left...THAT is where the fundamental problem exists...in convincing them that self-sufficiency is far better than government assistance, and that the US government is not the world's sugar daddy.
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The Age of the Narcissistic Male

Dubelu Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 11:53 AM
1. Correction. MEN haven't become the second sex, little boys have allowed themselves to become the leashed pets of domineering women. 2.Narcissism isn't an unshared domain...after all, how many men carry mirrors in their wallets?
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