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One Down, Three to Go: Assessing the Brown/Warren Debate

DubbleDooley Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 7:30 AM
z Wrote: 10 minutes ago (7:16 AM) No, but I'd wager that YOU'RE a white, racist, homophobe. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey Schmuck ! You didn't get the memo ? The Race Card is OVER. Ya'll Wore It Out. Now, go cry on you husband Brucie's shoulder

Tonight marked the first of four, head-to-head debates between US Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and Senator Scott Brown. And what a night it was. As expected, the one-hour long discussion covered a wide array of topics, including jobs and the economy, foreign affairs, and women’s issues. Earlier today, I previewed what I expected to happen. Now, I will evaluate each candidate’s performance, starting with the Democratic challenger.

Elizabeth Warren: Welcome to the big time, Professor. Considering this was the first time Ms. Warren had debated publicly, let alone on national television, she was well prepared and ready for...