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Interesting... Here is a little off-the-books scam that corporations routinely practice.... It is the targeted layoffs of salaried employees for one reason or another. What happens is that the rest of the workforce has to put in 60 hour weeks to make up for the workers that were let go. Those left are scared about losing their jobs and everyone except the government and economists know that getting a replacement job is close to impossible so they put up with it as long as possible. After a given amount of months people start quitting and then the company starts hiring again. According to the department of labor a salaried position is assumed to be based on 40 hours and anything over that is subject to overtime pay based on their salary divided by 40 hours. In my entire career I've yet to see a salaried worker actually get overtime pay.
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Are We Going Broke?

DuaneUrban Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 9:38 AM
Can we trust economists though? If you believe what you hear we are supposedly out of the great recession. That is certainly true if you are at the top 1% profiting from offshoring pretty much every job that could be. The 99% of the rest of us don't see the economy the same way however. Everything we hear from unemployment figures to inflation seems to be a lie. A persons unemployment insurance runs out and they "drop out of the workforce". A person who believes that people stop looking for work when their unemployment runs is psychotic. As food is concerned we aren't seeing any prices go but we are seeing many things go up 25-100% or more not including sizes going down.
How about we have a trade policy that makes sense? We offshored most of our skilled manufacturing jobs and left low paying service oriented jobs. Today the average government job pays better than the average workers' job. The only reason why many of the government workers have their jobs is a form of welfare since the money for their salaries comes borrowed money. The real unemployment rate is more like 20% not the propaganda figure the government publishes. Does anyone in their right mind actually think people give up looking for a job and drop out of the workforce when their unemployment benefits run out? As far as the people who say let them starve... Are those people serious? Do they really want to create a class of people in this country that have nothing left to lose?
Washington D.C. is the capital city of the Federal government. The federal government can't even fix it's own city. How can the same institution fix the country or the world? As for as gun rights.... The elites throughout history despise the common person being armed. Face it folks we have a nobility in this country. They don't have titles but they act like titled nobility.
I agree with you except for "about 100 million working age adults no longer even looking for work". That is government propaganda. To the government you are considered no longer looking for work when your unemployment benefits run out. They do not allow to register for work like you could in the 70's and before. They will refer you to their job board which is nothing more than aggregate feed of the existing job boards. When my unemployment benefits ran out I still looked for work. I suspect everyone else does too. The only problem however is that the jobs available pay so low that even 2 fulltime ones won't pay your bills.
I agree with this article but I have to point out this little fact that pretty much every politician ignores. Walk into any retail store in America and try to find something made in America. I'm guessing here but do we have? 96-98% of everything we buy is made in China. Even American made cars are 75% +- imported parts. Unless we bring manufacturing back home there will never be a recovery. The American economy cannot survive the test of time selling each other imported goods, and services.
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The Armpit of Academia

DuaneUrban Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 9:11 AM
This just goes to show how out of touch academia really is. Unfortunately, too many times those are the same people (so called experts) who testify in front of Congress when laws are made that determine the fate of the masses who the elites consider ignorant. Maybe we are ignorant... after all we pay people like Valerie Solanas six-figure salaries to teach us their personal opinions while bankrupting our financial future in the process. Is that ignorance or is it stupidity?
These statistics look compelling but are misleading. Teen employment is down because their parents are taking the jobs. If you are an employer would you rather hire a mature adult who needs the job to help support their family or teenage who wants the job to buy their little luxuries? That is not to say that every adult is mature or every teenager is frivolous.
Once again an author sites government propaganda statistics relating to unemployment figures. Once a persons benefits run out that person is no longer considered unemployed. They supposedly dropped out of the workforce and the unemployment figures magically go down. If you are a white collar worker, after your benefits run out you still do the same things you before - pump out the resumes, talk to the staffing firms. If you are a blue or gray collar worker you still filling out job applications and in many cases pumping out the resumes also. Unemployment insurance is actually paid for by the workers as an indirect non-itemized tax on their wages. It is not welfare or a government handout. So politicians hate it though because they despise earmarked-funds. They love the revenue but loath spending it unless it is on something they WANT to spend it on like a gazebo in their district. Getting laid off is not pleasant. When there are layoffs they are usually mass layoffs and those jobs are gone. Companies rarely offer you your job after they lay you off because they don't trust you. And all that MONEY you are getting! It is half or less than what you where making before. In my case it was one third because I hit the maximum benefit stage. I was living paycheck to paycheck when lost my job like most other people in the country do. Does anyone short of a raving lunatic actually think a that person getting their income cut in half at the very least is going be discouraged from finding a job? Believe me when I say that when you get laid off your bills don't go down. The bank won't lower your mortgage nor your auto payment nor your auto insurance. Your electric, heating, sewer and water rates don't go down. Nor does food, gas or clothing. If it takes too long to get a job, which is extremely common, your credit rating will get trashed and guess what happens then? A lot of the aforementioned rates go even higher.
What freedom? We have the right to do what we are told.
Unfortunately the cases mentioned are just a fraction the things the Federal government does that violates the constitution. For saying that I am now on an NSA watch list...whatever. Unfortunately the Federal government has been losing it's legitimacy and Der Fuhrer Obama is accelerating the process. Eventually the Fed will lose it's sovereignty in it's continual heavy handed treatment of individuals and states. The Fed even refuses to protect our borders. We have troops all over the world to help protect other countries borders while here no effective force is used to turn back the foreign invasion of our southern borders. The border patrol does a fantastic job within their means by they are a police force not a military force. The armies of people coming here are beyond a police force and require military intervention. We have armies of insurgents entering our country armed with the pen not the sword and you all know what supposedly is more powerful.
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