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Marching as to War

DuaneUrban Wrote: Mar 21, 2014 5:11 PM
The American people for the most part only care about bread and circuses, minus the bread since they really aren't hungry yet. Putin thinks we are weak although we aren't. He has a little bit more territory now and will go for more.
Really, who needs a minimum wage anyway? If people are desperate enough they will work for a bowl of rice a day. Why even pay that? Maybe a chicken bone to gnaw on will work. Why not simply bring slavery back? Right... If you can't afford to pay a living wage then you have no business being in business. Do the work yourself.
What do you expect from a Masshole?
"...the U.S. might have to intervene militarily to bring stability to the country." WTF? That is something we can't do. In a conventional war the US can trash anyone but err... Russia has nukes...
The Republicans certainly can't keep going after food stamps and minimum wage for sure. They should instead focus on bringing real jobs back to the USA which will take care of both issues above.
correction *raise any eyebrows*
I never was for Obamacare and still aren't. I had checked out some of those budget plans last year however and yes they should be illegal. Several hundred per month with a $10,000 deductible and 50% co-pays on everything with a maximum benefit that won't actually cover a serious illness? That's pretty much welfare for insurance companies. As for WMD's in Iraq... I don't think it matters anymore. I will lay odds though that Saddam had his stockpiles disposed of during the invasion just to spite Busch. Remember when Iran released the US embassy hostages as Regan got in office just to spite Carter? If you really want to point out some smoking gun how about the Democratic governor of Louisiana refusing FEMA aide before Katarina and delaying getting Federal help afterward so the democrats could blame Busch? The fact that is was illegal for the Federal government to step in until the state requested help didn't seem to matter. The fact that a governor was willing to let people die and suffer longer than they had too to drum up political capital didn't seem to raise and eyebrows with the media...
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Tackling the Real War on Women

DuaneUrban Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 7:07 AM
What world are you living in Ms. Herzog? Women on campus and off-campus who chose to do so degrade themselves although they would probably disagree with the degrade word. Believe it or not some women actually want to be porn stars. Watching hardcore porn in class is probably degrading to most of both sexes but without knowing the context of the class the statement is rather irrelevant. When is this general US tendency to one persons actions on someone else going to end? .
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Congressionally Duped Americans

DuaneUrban Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 6:53 AM
Whatever the technicalities are the people believe it is a de facto pension fund that they paid into (which they have). Today or 50 years from now a politicians who says otherwise will find themselves out of a job. They won't want to hear about congress's intent or some obscure Supreme Court rulings.
As long as we keep off-shoring jobs America will fall behind - but as the American people continuously lose its buying power we will take the rest of the world down with us.
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