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The Other America

DuaneUrban Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 8:14 AM
Very valid points, however... The Roman Empire never actually fell - it faded away. The 99% who had 1% of the empires assets no longer had the will to support the 1% who owned 99% of the assets. The Roman Senate evolved into an institution now known as the mafia. I'll leave it for everyone else to put two and two together.
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The Tree of National Socialism

DuaneUrban Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 3:45 PM
I laugh about the jobs figures. The local Seven-Eleven added 6 new jobs last month to replace the 6 people who either quit or got fired.
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House Chooses New Cold War With Russia

DuaneUrban Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 12:27 PM
Yes sir! We should sit back until Russia takes back its old Soviet Empire including East Germany.
Funny thing is money has corrupted journalism more than it has politics. I saw some anchors on CNN discussing my the American people think the economy sucks so badly then according to the government and the top 1% of income earners it fantastic. One of the anchors wanted to tell the truth which the economy sucks because corporations have offshored most decent jobs to China leaving nothing at home except low paying fast food and retails sales positions. The media is controlled by large corporations who are doing exactly that. It is forbidden to point that out though.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

DuaneUrban Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 8:38 AM
Multiculturalism has damaged the US. We live under the tyranny of the minority - the cultural minority. We also live under the regulatory rule of extremists.
Wow. I can't believe this article made it past the censures.
Look at the "made in" part of practically every product for sale in America. If you don't know I will give you a hint; it starts with a "C" and ends with "hina". Unless that is fixed, no jobs, no matter who is running the country.
Most of those so called jobs being created are low wage, service oriented positions to fill new openings due to attrition. New jobs are not being created in this country at a level that is meaningful.
I suspect rebuilding one major city from the ground up will cost more than $326 billion.
I suppose the Europeans forgot all the cities turned to rubble during WWII.
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