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Oddly the fossil fuel industry does more for green energy than any of the lefts environmental groups. The fossil fuel industry has invested heavily into solar cell technology to a point where the prices have significantly dropped to a point were solar is economically viable as an alternate energy source. The left don’t want to hear that of course. If the environmentalists really cared about the environment maybe they should put their money where their mouths are. They spend billions suing in court because it gets media coverage which equals more donations and funding. They spend little or nothing on research other than lobbying to get the government to spend other people’s money on it – like with climate change. It is not is any environmental groups self-interest to fix the environment however. If they succeeded they would be out of a job. If environmentalists really wanted to promote alternate energy they would take some of those billions they rake in every year and do something useful like fund rooftop solar cell arrays for lower income people… Not only would they be reducing reliance on fossil fuels they also be socially responsible. The government shouldn’t do it. If the government did prices will go up because of the government money.
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Cruz: Leave the Internet to the People

DuaneUrban Wrote: Feb 28, 2015 12:18 PM
Unfortunately the internet is not in the hands of the people, it is the hands of a few large corporations who limit choice and continually raise rates. Large corporations are inherently monopolistic and periodically need to be reined in because they abuse the system and their captive audience. Lower income people are getting priced off the internet...
The other a long time employee of my local seven eleven said she was leaving. She got a job at another seven eleven that replaced someone who left for another job. My local seven eleven will have to hire someone to replace the person who left. The federal government will add those three to the tens of thousands of others playing musical job chairs to the list of new jobs created. Yet no new jobs were actually created.
I believe that if a part of a state wanted to leave America, armed itself and revolted the Feds would send in tanks, troops and general overwhelming force. They would kill every armed rebel in their gun sights without mercy. Any who surrendered would face long prison terms.
I hate to say this but the Feds aren't arming local law enforcement to the teeth to protect the citizens - just the opposite.
Actually women are killing romance yet are too blind to see it. Technology brings out the worst in women not only men. It starts with the so-called online dating sites. No one really dates online they meet online… Anyhow when men write women they have to write 20-50 before they get a response no matter how well written the message is. The odds are that the reply will be from one of the tiny minority that will actually have basic common decency and manners writing to thank the guy but she’s not interested. An may write 100’s of women and not get a reply. During the process the messages get shorter and finally down maybe a sentence. By then the man has probably signed up on other dating sites only to discover the 90% of the women on that one were the same ones who blew them off on the others. Yet the results are still the same. After time the guys figure out that they are not going to meet anyone anyway and start writing rude message just out of spite. Many women say on their profile if they don’t write you it means they are not interested. Many more don’t though. A man looks at it like rudely getting blown off even though he did exactly what the women requested him to do by writing her.
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GOP Double-Crossing Traitors

DuaneUrban Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 6:24 PM
Well said!
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President Obama, America's Nero

DuaneUrban Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 11:04 AM
We have a profit driven media who reports based on projected ratings. Most don't want to say bad things about Obama because it will offend his many supporters and they will change the channel. The network won't be able to charge as much for advertising and therefore not earn as revenue as they could by saying things their audience wants to hear.
There could be another reason a tax and spend state like Jersey would want to imprison the man. A 300 year old flintlock may fetch a lot of money in action...
Something definitely needs to be done especially over commonwealths like Massachusetts who even crucify off duty police officers from other states traveling through their bastion of communisum who are required to carry their weapon off duty.
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