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5 Reasons There Are So Few Black Americans In The Republican Party

DTruth Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 7:37 PM
"run away slave", If you're truly a republican because you're afraid of being poor, then you're nothing but a 'handkerchief head' that ran from one plantation straight to another. That you agree with the ridiculous stereotypes in this article is further proof of your self delusion. Black republicans crack me up. You really believe the sentiments expressed in this article are about ALL the OTHER black folks - and not you! You're NO DIFFERENT from black democrats. You've been brainwashed to think that only a Great White Father, and not you're own efforts, can SAVE you!

How is it that the party of Lincoln, a party that led the way in opposing slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching, the KKK, poll taxes, led the way on integration and voting rights for black Americans, and percentage wise, voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act in greater numbers than Democrats is now only getting about 10% of the black vote? Democrats say racism, but any objective observer would quickly discard that explanation given the significant number of popular black Republicans. If even a large percentage of Republicans were racist, certainly Allen West, Herman Cain, Clarence...