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Is Medical Care A Right?

dtmcdevitt Wrote: May 02, 2012 2:55 PM
Excellent article. If an individual forces another individual to hand over his property, we call it a crime. When a group of individuals do it, it's called legislation. Bastiat was right. When the government gets in the business of distributing things, there is no real practical limit to their power. Only in centrally planned economies do extreme deprivations of goods and services persist over long periods of time. Let the free market work.
Faced with the possibility that the Supreme Court may overturn the entire Affordable Care Act, there have been a quite a few articles which outline possible replacement plans for Obamacare. It is fascinating that the extensive coverage of this subject has made healthcare “experts” of so many people. I find it amusing that for most, the qualifications to opine on how to fix healthcare simply amounts to having had to wear a gown and get a shot.  
It is troubling that so many people believe that the major problems with our healthcare system stem from misaligned incentives for doctors...
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