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Caution to Seniors About Obamacare- Let The Buyer Beware

dtmcdevitt Wrote: May 11, 2012 7:15 AM
You can't save a lot of money unless you don't spend it. How else could Obamacare cover millions of new people or less money? They took it from Medicare. If you read Dr Berwick's musings on the matter, you will understand that they felt healthcare for older people was not cost effective. In fact, te ACA was funded by REDUCING Medicare expenditures over the next ten years. With a growing population of seniors who will certainly become ill at some point, how will reduced funding buy the care that will be needed? It won't. You've been hoodwinked.

By Hal C. Scherz, MD and Richard A. Armstrong, MD

70 year old woman comes into her Urologist’s office in Atlanta frantic, because her internist has stopped seeing Medicare patients. A 76 year old man in South Florida needs a hip replacement but may not be able to have surgery because his orthopedic surgeon cannot find a cardiologist who will agree to see and evaluate him for surgery. These stories are true, told to me by doctors that I know personally. They are taking place in doctors’ offices all across the country each day and they are on the rise. This is...