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Pop & Lock, Fool

dtaylor944 Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 11:53 AM
The problem I have is not with people knowing what is constitutional, but what can be done. The govt. was set up to be run according to the constituion but that means nothing when you have leaders who do what they want regardless of the constitution. We have a senate and a congress that is suppose to handle that but that is not going to happen! The honest politician is the one hanging from the chandelier screaming about the things the government is doing. Does anyone know who that is????
So, maybe now banks will begin to lend money after getting the green light from the Federal Reserve to plow a bunch of dough into share buy backs and dividend hikes.  Only two banks, Ally (yes the one that seems to have the most ads on television) and BBT (had to resubmit its documents to the Fed, which may have been the reason it failed based on a qualitative assessment, yet they did hike the dividend) fail the so-called Stress Test.  Many say the test was too easy with respect to capital ratios and loses anticipated in the event of disaster....