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If it were small it would be more efficient. We have been sold out and it didn't just start a few years ago. Obama has put it on high speed though.
I think that Ted Cruz and Ron Paul are the two likely chances for the presidential election. I would like to see Doctor Ben Carson as president but he would be assassinated. Ron Paul is a little too religious so that leaves us with Ted Cuz, and he could choose Ben Carson as his vice president.
I agree, our education system leaves much to be desired and they need to spend every available moment teaching. They can pray after school or before school on voluntary time. The fact is that the time students spend in school is not as short as the senate and congress spend doing their job. Don't expect a longer school day because like the senate and the congress the teachers are not going to cause themselves to spend any more time in the classroom. they say they are under paid so they make up for it by under performing. What would they do if they had to work a 365 day a year job. By the teachers own admission they are not qualified to teach because after at least four years in college they were unable to see how much they would be making. I think we should hire teachers off the street, they will at least know that when you take a job you are expected to do the work.
Obama is a thug and his position is to ruin this country along with it's military so he can take over more easily. he will declare martial law before his term ends. Hide and watch, and I mean hide and watch.
W gave up on the sanctions, not 6 months after saying we should increase them. Washington has lost it's mind, be it republican or democrat, they have lost their mind. School children that went out and spent other people's money until we can't pay for it anymore. These students need to be expelled and sent to prison.
Obama had a Czar that was to be the green jobs Czar. His name is Van Jones and he is black and I think he went to the same university that Obama did. He is the one who finally withdrew from his position because he didn't want to cause a hardship on Obama. He is the one who was on the news telling everyone that he is a communist and that he learned it in prison. I think that would make him a felon, that probably would not be allowed to work at Mcdonalds. however he was allowed to be a czar and I see where he is going to be on some type of television show with some highly rated republicans.
The people who are saying they got a better deal from Obama care are more than likely not telling the truth. According to what I have read and heard the Site is not completed to the point that you can finalize it and find out what the price is. The ones who got on Medicade might be able to get through, but the rest of them are lying.
Fox has a democrat congressman on at this time saying that people saying the government can't do the health care properly are not telling the truth. I don't know what circus he has been watching but the one that has the jester Carney answering questions is living proof that these self sanctified politicians are full of manure fresh manure that is. People know that politicians lie but does that mean it is acceptable? Does that mean if you are a politician entrusted with the faith of his voters need to lie? Juan Williams on fox said that it was ok that Obama said the deficit had to be reined in and then turn that around after he became president. Juan said it is acceptable because Obama was saying that as part of his campaign and that doesn't mean anything. Is there anybody listening to these idiots? Are these idiots listening to these idiots? I hate to say it but did people realize that Juan Williams is a blubbering idiot. Throw in Colmes in that deal and you have a complete pile.
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