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Voting for Liberals

dstrait-almaguer Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 10:44 AM
John, your article is right on the mark. Because true American history is not taught much now, most people don't understand UNIONS are the primary reason "outsourcing" to other countries was created. This has destroyed manufacturing in the U.S. Public schools stink and it starts with government interference. There are so many, intelligent kids and it doesn't matter their race, that don't get an education. The second obstacle, in addition to the school systems, is the parents themselves. They don't care if the kids go to school or not, as long as they aren't under foot. Don't know where I read this quote, "Your children are a reflection on you".

If you are one of the folks who voted for Barack Obama in the last election, what did you vote for? More generally, if you voted for any liberal politician, what did you vote for?

Here are three things for starters: (1) no reform of the public schools, (2) no reform of the welfare system, and (3) no reform of labor market institutions that erect barriers between new entrants and good jobs.

How can I be so certain? Because the teachers unions, the welfare bureaucracy and all the other unions form the base of the Democratic Party. At least they are...