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"Thanks for the info, lowass the moron. Your messiah is now importing them to be his shock troops, fool. " If he is then he is just as inept as a revolutionary as he is as a President...MS-13 members would be easy pickings by anyone with a military background.
"what is the crime? " The crime is not helping the people in pitched battle for their lives...people who were selflessly serving our nation...not that you know what service is.
"you mean when 60+ americans died in embassy attacks that were never investigated? " Most under Clinton...besides those were bombs and were investigated...this was an flash, a bomb is instantaneous, an assault is an event that takes time. Educating the fascist is hard work.
Actually your are a pathetic surpise there.
There were several units close enough to have an the HOA, Italy and several ships in the is and will stand the test of time as one of the worst betrayals in American history.
Both crimes in the eyes of the least the enlisted side.
dflood..."Copy; dissing Powell in particular rather than the military in general. " Exactly, most who serve, especially those who served long years, learn integrity and sacrifice. Some however are so self centered that they do not ever learn even after years of serving next to fine examples...Powell was the latter.
"Is Obama a de facto member of MS-13? " As the TiC, Taker in Chief, yes he is.
Ashes and sackcloth, that is what we need to sit in waiting for our once God blessed nation crumble around us...because we were more interested in ourselves than looking after the welfare of our blessing.
How about both lois? This is a crime and so is the other.
Try actually reading for comprehension...he was talking about one man who did not have the integrity he should of after serving as long as he did.
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