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Because they are progressives at heart.
Waste...our polititians are disgusting...both sides of the aisle are responsible for this. We citizens need to fight this waste and bacon regardless of whether the polititian in question has an 'R' on his chest or not."I own seven firearms, fool. The GOP has strongly supported the 2nd Amendment since Paulbots like you were ******** yellow." If you have been paying attention I am hated by paulbots...nice try though trying to deflect your open support for the GOP corprate fascist platform. I am for freedom, that is why it surprises me that you are pro-gun...does not sound like a progressive stance your masters like.
We still have to combat the taker class vote, I doubt they have the drive to participate in polls, since they cannot even get enough motivation to get a job.
Our American fascists will take this event up as an example...sorry probably should have been more plain.
You are not for banning guns GW?...That is a Tea Party stance, freedom to own guns, you do know that don't you?...Your corporate fascist masters might be mad at you for backing an evil Tea Party platform.
Progressive racists are running for office...he is a flag bearer for them.
Shot at a war memorial...smells like a rabid progressive fascist, again killing people...ban all guns will be the next cry.
LOL...had not thought of that...the Tillis people should research that and label each one in a mailer of their own.
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