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Now that is a true statement...if that was the reason for people staying home, it is a dumb one...they got elected a progressive humanist instead.
Exactly...had he shown that he had a pair, many would have supported him.
Anything to put down the outmoded contructs like greedy unions.
You can compare, even without much logic, but we also have the right to ridicule you when you do so inanely.
I know this will be tough for a comic book reader...but he has the authority as the administrative leader to spend the funds given him by the legislature in whatever means he wants to.
Roberty...I did as well, it was better than Obama and that was my criteria.
GW..."Your refusal to support the 2016 mainstream GOP nominee will give you 8 years of Shrillary. Revel in your foolishness. " I have not said I refuse to support anyone, and Hillary cannot win, so by default any GOP candidate can...I will just fight to ensure that a progressive one will not make it to the general election...much to your corporate masters dismay.
Another example of the ineptness of this administration. While I applaud his greenlighting the attempt to save the Americans held hostage, the leak of information is not comforting. There are many ways we gather intelligence on our enemies and to give away hints of the means by which we get that information, in order to make your administration look good, damages our ability to get more needed information. He is an amatuer and should not be the CinC.
Good plan corporate fascist, alienate a group of people who would side with you rather than the government fascists...smarts are not your strong suit are they?
lois..."not any of the candidates tossing their hats into the ring thus far. Mitt has lost 75% of the races he's been in. " Here let me explain logic to you...If, as you admit, the dems do not have a viable candidate that is capable of winning, and the GOP does have, even if you personally do not like them...who will then win? Therefore you statement that a republican will not win the white house in the near future is an illiogical statement. I say this knowing that the dems may have a surprise in the wings, but as it stands now Hillary, Biden and Warren cannot beat even Mitt in the election much less Rand, Rick or even Marco.
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