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GW.."So you don't have any names. Checkmate. Glad we got that settled. Any other outlandish assertions this morning, Mike? " Not outlandish...just the opposite, history..the GOP has failed us many times..what makes you think it will be different this time...checkmate back at you.
GW"Post disallowed as non-responsive. You forgot to answer with the names of GOP leaders who have advocated to re-institute the federal exchange should it be struck down by SCOTUS. Do you have any names? " Disallowed?..Are you the TH gestapo?..I know you are fascist but this is a little extreme even for you.
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The Cross Was Preceded by the Cradle

DSMike Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 9:55 AM
The circumision of the heart is what really matters...the rest is just empty ritual
disallowed?..are you the TH gestapo..I know you are fascist but this is a little extreme even for you.
"actually this suit if decided to uphold the law and forbid subsidies, credits, and penalties in federally run exchanges doesn't remove the law, only that portion. Granted many would be unable/unwilling to play without federal dollars, but the law would still exist. " Actually the courts coud send it back to Congress to fix the that point the GOP would be in the catbird seat to change whatever they want about the law...the queston is will the progressive side of the GOP win out or the conserative?
GW...To date I have heard of no GOP leaders who have stated that they would support re-instituting the Obummercare federal exchange should the SCOTUS strike down that part of the law. Have you?" I would also say that it all depends on what thier corporate masters say...that is who the progressive GOP members answer to.
No...but they have failed us many times...what makes you think they will not again?
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Cause and Effect

DSMike Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 9:30 AM
Hugh progressives do not understand the scientific princples of cause and effect...sorry.
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Who's Responsible?

DSMike Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 9:22 AM
Point out the racism in either the brown or NY case...please..I cannot see it in either.
Prediction...this time it goes down in flames...The real qestion is what happens when it is sent back to Congress to fix it? Will the progressive side of the GOP win or will the conservative side?
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The Worst Sin

DSMike Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 9:12 AM
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