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Catholic Bishops: We Reject Obama Administration "Compromise" on Contraception

DSMike Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 11:08 AM
Marc-H - "how aboiut tell them to stop telling you what to do i know, they love power, they love telling you what to do....." Would like to but after EMTALA laws were enacted we are stuck with taking people who cannot pay regardless. This leads to cost shifting and insurance prices rising and the whole mess. Once government got in the medical business it has made thing much more difficult...easy to say what you said not easy to implement it.

Last week the Obama administration issued a bogus compromise on the contraception mandate in ObamaCare through Health and Human Services. The deal? Institutions deemed "religious" by the government get a pass while businesses morally opposed to the mandate still must provide insurance plans to employees that provide contraception without a co-pay.

Now the U.S. Catholic Bishops, headed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, are following the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List and others by rejecting the...