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Obama's Fault?

dschneider233 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 6:40 PM
O my friend yes he will he will be accountable for the Deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three others by the one who Created us all and the Democrats who denounced Him will be judged as well by whom you ask? GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so will his entire Family pay for it as well.

President Obama was on the scene of hurricane Sandy to get his picture taken and to embrace Chris Christie. Now that this important PR objective has been achieved, he's back on the campaign trail, and conditions continue to deteriorate.

Some New Yorkers have been reduced to living in squalor, generators that could provide heat and electricity are sitting ready instead to juice media coverage of the New Yorkmarathon, while an extra sits idle ( and non-union workers who could help are turned away because they aren't union.

Remember the media's oh-so-righteous wrath after Hurricane Katrina? Shouldn't President Obama be held...