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Congress Leaves Work for the Day

dschneider233 Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 9:33 AM
Hear ye ,Hear ye, Congress is never in session, and when they are in session they never get anything done!!!!! a lot of the senior Congressmen and women are so old they sit in their seats and just fall asleep and droll and get nothing done. Letting Obama do what ever he pleases . I see no point in having a do nothing head in the sand Congress. we deserve so much more. Welcome to 2013 A Happy New Year we will see.!!!!! Do not like whats going to happen ,Next 3 Years Blame the Democrats and those who voted for Obama!!!!!!!!

With the end of the day coming on Capitol Hill, there is still no new plan of action for dealing with the looming fiscal cliff. Senate leaders worked off stage today, but there will be no new proposals or votes until Sunday.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid adjourned work until tomorrow in order to allow time for Democratic and Republican leaders to negotiate a deal to present to the House tomorrow. House members officially return to work tomorrow in the hopes that they will have a new plan to work on. Taxes are set to increase on Tuesday and...