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Look to Egypt for Clues about Obama

dschneider233 Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 11:19 AM
You can always take the Animal out of the Jungle but ya cant take the Jungle out of the Animal!!!!
Karpe dim= you are correct . also take into consideration that anyone who doesn't have any Class to begin with ,no matter what can never achieve in the first place. . and Obama and his clan just does not have that quality Ya can take the Animal out of the Jungle but you cant take the Jungle out of the Chimp's. Obama ran for second term so that We the People will protect his kiddies from being killed by kingpins (Mob
To de fund Planed Parenthood I can say its a good thing - Because I do not have Children, Never Married. and this Organization keeps sending me I want money from you!!!!! I shread any and all of their -----------Mail I support ME Period ,Let those who are married. and have Children. and Grand Children Support Planed Parenthood!!!!!!! I for one will not!!!!!!!!!!
Reed should do us all a favor and get a Heart Attack and died nothing but a parasite in Congress opening up his mouth and nothing of Logic comes out.!!!!!!
What a lame Statement ,You still have the Secret Service with you even if you are a Former President of the United States. If anyone wanted to do harm to his kids they would have done it a long time ago . Their Father is such a screw up sad part we have this ninny for Four more Years to really screw up this country and everyone in it. There really no free Rides or Freebees Happy New Year Everyone / God Help Us. All.!!!!!! Keep a close eye on the Weasel in the White house.
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Congress Leaves Work for the Day

dschneider233 Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 9:33 AM
Hear ye ,Hear ye, Congress is never in session, and when they are in session they never get anything done!!!!! a lot of the senior Congressmen and women are so old they sit in their seats and just fall asleep and droll and get nothing done. Letting Obama do what ever he pleases . I see no point in having a do nothing head in the sand Congress. we deserve so much more. Welcome to 2013 A Happy New Year we will see.!!!!! Do not like whats going to happen ,Next 3 Years Blame the Democrats and those who voted for Obama!!!!!!!!
The Teacher is an F*****G A*** H**E Should get a reality check from a qualified Physcolagest. Just shows ya Teachers may have a piece of paper that qualifies them to teach but Many do not No A heck of a hill of beans better off getting the teacher caned She remains me of of the oil in m y Engine which needed a change bad. New name for Teacher Mrs or Miss Dip S tick 101
Obama Creates Gun Control Task Force Headed by Joe Biden - one looser from another This Gun task force will only try to get Guns from those in the NRA to disarm Americans and take their rights away from them. to protect themselves. For those who might read my Comment here is my suggestion - When a person buys a Gun-any Gun finger print it with the owners Finger print- DNA so than only that person will be able to fire that weapon if some thing should be fall him or her again the weapon can not me fired. Assault No Guns should be Army/ Navy/ Marines no one else. Gun shops should sell all guns except Assault Rifles and again Finger print be put on the trigger of the buyer so no one can use it.
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The Year of "Our Savior" Obama

dschneider233 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 8:56 AM
The Year of "Our Savior" Obama - Obama is nothing but a sharation = a fraud , Failure,an actor- who has no true feeling except himself.- He is no ones savior except to the ones who put him back into the presidency - This nore anyone with his Goals is not MY SAVIOR- The one i will always recognize died for me and the world, so we may have a second chance at life through him. and Obama sure as heck aint him and he sure does not fit the statement Man of the year!!! but does fit Fool of the year hands down.
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Atheist Attacks on Christmas

dschneider233 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 8:37 AM
Why should an Atheist attack Christmas ,or Easter for that matter , they have a holiday for themselves its call April Fool,s Day comes every April 1 for the Godless non Be leavers funny worked around the dying one Guy was an Atheist and dying he said God help me , I said you denied him in life now he denies You in front of his Father. could have spoke up on your behalf.
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