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Will Forecast of Rising Gas Price Affect Presidential Race?

dschechinger Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 2:51 PM
Presidents aren't responsible for rising gas prices, rising food costs, burning consulates, dead ambassadors, unemployment above 8% for 45 months, excessive regulations and debates that don't count for anything anyways.

The Drudge Report is cheekily labeling an article about the outrageous gas prices and gas shortage in Southern California the "October Surprise." While it's unlikely even $4-$5 (and up) a gallon gas prices will turn Californians into Romney fans, CNBC is reporting that gas prices are likely to keep rising in October:

"It will only take another refinery issue and a bit more of geopolitical noise to have the first U.S. election at a US average gasoline price of $4 a gallon," says energy analyst Olivier Jakob of Petromatrix

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