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Stephanie Cutter Attended WH Meetings with IRS

dschechinger Wrote: Jun 05, 2013 10:28 AM
Impeachment is out of the question. Mr. Obama is the Historic First Black President. Immunity is a good idea. A Special Prosecutor would also cut out a lot of BS going on right now. People aren't going to "Scooter Libby" through their depositions and go to prison for the president. If people think Werfel is going to clean up the agency then they forgot from where he came. He put together the two fantasy budgets the Senate voted against. I want to know why the IRS employees haven't been transferred out of the IRS to some other backwater agency where they can't do anymore harm? Sadly, the answer is probably that if the Fat Sow rolls over on a little pig he screams loudly.
Dyadd Wrote: Jun 05, 2013 10:35 AM
All good points. Obama is already on the way out. Even a successful impeachment process would take forever, but it will fail so long as the Dems control the Senate.

And yes - the little pigs are very ready squeal. The GOP should make them do that, and make sausage out of those who refuse to squeal.

An interesting fact emerges from a look at a transcript of last Friday's edition of "The Lead With Jake Tapper" -- Stephanie Cutter was in on the White House meetings that IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman attended. 

Cutter insists that Shulman was simply meeting about implementation of ObamaCare -- and in fairness, one of her responsibilities was managing communications strategy for the unpopular law.  But as everyone knows, Stephanie Cutter's expertise is not primarily in the policy area; it is in the realm of politics: Political strategy and communications.  She has been described by the Daily Beast as a...