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It Begins: Reid Proposes Changing Filibuster Rules

dschechinger Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 9:11 AM
If we are true to our conservative principles, we should urge our Republican senators to support abolishing the filibuster rule. The consitution only requires a simple majority to pass anything in the Senate.We need to return to the original constitutional intent. If we do that, then not any Democratic Party Member will ever be able to say that we obstructed anything and the Democrats will be wholly responsible for the messes they invariably create with legislative overreach.
Cal29 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 9:28 AM
Really chinger. And I guess today is New Year's Day. How dumb can you get.

No one should be the least bit surprised; Reid's been talking about this for awhile, and even moved unilaterally to alter long-standing Senate rules to shield his members from difficult votes last year (mission accomplished).  Filibuster "reform:" Coming soon to a Senate near you?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that he will try to push through a change to Senate rules that would limit the GOP’s ability to filibuster bills. Speaking in the wake of Tuesday’s election, which boosted Senate Democrats’ numbers slightly, Mr. Reid said he won’t end...